mahsa medical hero
مهسا مدیکال
اتحاد پزشکی برای خدمات سلامتی

ثبت نام کادر پزشکی برای پیوستن به ما

Greetings ! Thank you for joining us, it’s a real pleasure.

Medical Alliance for Health Services Abroad (MAHSA) is a network of apolitical health care volunteers who are dedicated to help the people of Iran. Our mission is to offer non-profit health services based on standard medical guidelines to the general public at risk.

We remain faithful to our Hippocratic oath to serve all people without regard to their race, color, or political belief.

The alliance advocates for our medical colleagues whether inside or abroad who may need our support.

In order to join us, you must be active in any health-related areas such as medicine, dentistry, clinical psychology, nursing, physical therapy. If interested, please kindly:

  1. click here and fill out the form.
  2. Once you have fill out the above form then click this link.
  3. You may need to wait for a verification period before granting access to join us in Telegram. You need to fill out the form in step 1 so the system grants you access when you click on the link to join Telegram.

If for some reasons, you prefer to not fill out the form, you may kindly reply back with your name, area of expertise, and your current city to add you.

Please share it with your colleague as well.

Thank you in advance!